About DUO

Duo is a hybrid cosmetic developed from the study of nature and science

The layers of makeup you put on everyday can wear your skin out.
We recognize that real beauty comes from cleansing your skin of oil and dirt rather than piling on makeup and covering up your skin.
DUO only uses natural ingredients. Extracting these natural ingredients scientifically brings out the natural cleansing powers. DUO is additive-free yet powerful enough for a complete cleansing experience.
An all-natural cleansing experience for even the most sensitive skin, made with natural beautifying ingredients that will create healthy, smooth skin.

Cleansing balms

The main feature of the DUO cosmetic lineup. A gentle yet complete cleansing experience will bring out the true beauty of your skin.

Anti-aging care

Clean makeup and dirt off your skin!
Save time by cleansing and washing your face at same time.

The Cleansing Balm

Melt on to your skin to effectively cleanse your skin to remove oil, dirt and makeup. This multi-tasking, innovative cleansing balm has five functions in one: cleansing, face washing, exfoliating, face massaging, and moisturizing. Save time with this all-in-one balm.

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Pore Care

Pore caring nutrients for smooth,
flawless skin

The Cleansing Balm

A soft cleansing balm that melts onto your skin to treat pore problems. Contains 31 beautifying ingredients that work effectively to treat any type of pore problem for smooth, flawless skin. Save time by cleansing and washing your face at the same time.

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Dull skin Care

Effectively improve dull skin
that causes aging spots

The Cleansing Balm

A gentle cleansing balm for dull skin. Specially formulated to work on aging spots and overall skin dullness. A cleansing oil that can work like a beauty serum to improving your skin tone. Save time with this hassle-free multi-purpose cleansing balm.

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All products

Cleanse and nourish your skin to get back your natural beautiful skin.

All products are applied in one easy step for perfect skin.

Morning Cleansing
Night Cleansing